Business Owners-
Whether your business is big or small, Allred's Amazing Maids has exactly what you need! Many business owners and managers I talk to are furstrated with the inconsistency of the cleaning in their business. So often it's because an employee is dropping the ball or the cleaning service they use "doesn't clean like they use to".

If you're tierd of walking into the bathroom (or other parts of your business) and wondering, "who the heck was supposed to clean that?". Call us today! I know Allred's Amazing Maids Inc. can AMAZE you. You don't have to take my word for it,

See what business owners like yours are saying about us!

"During the past two years we have had Allred's Amazing Maids cleaning for us. I have had several agencies clean for us over the past 25 years, but this team is truly 'Amazing". They never miss a beat; they are affordable, cheerful, dependable, accommodating and really good and what they do. I hope they will be our cleaning team for the next 25 years!! Thank you all for being so 'Amazing'!
-Anna Wilkins, Terminal Manager, Chevron Products Company

We have been sooo appreciative of the fine job you and your crews do each week!! Everything looks so nice (and smells so good!) when you have been here. Tell your teams what a great job they are doing! They have been so great and if we leave a note in request of something specific, they always follow thru! They are the greatest! Thank you!"

- Duchesne County Water Conservancy District Staff

"Allred's Amazing Maids have been just that, truly "AMAZING". They have worked with us around numerous scheduling conflicts, visitors, audits, inventories and safety meetings. All the while providing great service with a great attitude and always a smile. Our office always looks great now. We appreciate your cooperation and great service. Thanks Allred's Amazing Maids."

- Taddeo Trabanino, Brenntag Pacific

"Allred's Amazing Maids have been cleaning our building for the past three years. They always go the extra mile to insure that our expectations have been met. They are always pleasant, professional and do us a great job. They are AMAZING!"
- Gene Harvey, Moon Lake Electric

In the past 2 weeks have you...
1. Had to think or been distracted with the cleaning of your business?
2. Assigned an employee to clean? (even though they are trained for something very different).
3. Been frusterated with the quality of cleaning?
4. Cleaned something yourself?

Licensed, Bonded, and Insured, I know you will be impressed with what we offer. We focus 100% on cleaning. We dont have our fingers in other pies. We specialize in what we do and all our energy and time is focused on constantly improving our services to you. Call me today so I can give you a quick bid. Lets improve your company together!


Businesses currently being AMAZED with the benefits of Allred's Amazing Maids rock solid service!
a. Moon Lake Electric
b. Western Petrolium
c. Basin Industries
d. IFA - vernal
e. Basin Land and Title
f. Brentag
g. Tri-county Health Department - vernal
h. Tri-county Health Department - roosevelt
i. Duchesne County Water Conservancy
j. Chevron
k. Foreland Transportation
l. D&A Mcrae
m. Allreds Landscaping
n. Thurston Energy
o. Airgas
p. Ute Energy
q. Inspirations
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